Installing your SSL Certificate to cPanel

Installing Your SSL Certificate

SSL Certified

, To Install your SSL Certificate we must first access cPanel (follow these steps to gain access)

  • Log in to your account through our site login.
  • Go to your ‘Accounts‘ home page
  • Under ‘Account Overview’, Click ‘view’ next to the number of products and services.
  • Inside the “My Products & Services” list, Find your service and hit “View Details” located to the right
  • Within Your Service, you will our “Login to cPanel” on the left sidebar Menu

Congratulations you have just entered into your cPanel! now that we are here in the top search bar type “SSL” after you have done this you will see the security menu within cPanel we will now need to open “SSL/TLS” as shown in the image below.

cPanel SSL

Now you should see SSL/TLS Menu Options (shown below)

We do not need to worry about any of the other selections at this time. for now please access the “Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS)” by clicking “Manage SSL Sites.”

This is where we will install our new SSL Certificate. we created earlier. if you do not have a certificate yet then please go back to our other post to Purchase and Configure Your SSL Before continuing this tutorial.


Now we will need to select our domain name from the dropdown menu that we used when we purchased our SSL Certificate. (See Image Below)

SSL Install cPanel

Below this, you will see the following headings for your certificate.

Certificate: (CRT), Private Key (KEY) and Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE)

The email you obtained after we finished configuring your SSL Certificate will hold all the details you will require to input all of the information required. if you did not receive this email please contact our support staff immediately (Open a Ticket) to obtain the above information.

after you have inserted the required information please hit “Install Certificate” to complete the process.

Install Certificate

You Have Now successfully installed your new SSL Certificate. to test your new certificate please go to “”  you should not get an insecure warning when entering the site but you may not still be fully secured yet as your website might still be loading elements from a standard HTTP source instead of an HTTPS source.

You can now Setup your website so everything can now load efficiently from HTTPS please follow this Guide to Force HTTPS Using .htaccess.

If you have any troubles with installing your SSL Certificate Please contact us for help.

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