How to Monitor Your Usage

Monitoring your Account's Usage

On the left cPanel menu there is a Statistics section. That is where you can monitor the resource usage of your account.


    • Main Domain - this is your primary domain name
    • Last login from - shows the IP of the computer which last successful connection to your cPanel.
    • Disk Space Usage - shows the disk space usage of your account.
    • Monthly Transfer - shows the amount of monthly bandwidth by your account.
    • MySQL Disk Space - shows the disk space used by your MySQL databases.
    • Email Accounts - shows the number of e-mail accounts for your account.
    • Subdomains - shows the number of created subdomains.
    • Parked Domains - shows the number of parked domains.
    • Addon Domains - shows the number of addon domains attached.
    • FTP Accounts - shows the number of FTP accounts.
    • SQL Databases - shows the number of SQL Databases created under your account.
    • To see more stats about your account, Click the expand stats button.


    If you have any issues, Please contact our staff via 'Open a New Ticket' on the 'Account Home Page', Thank you.
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