How to Setup Custom NameServers

Please follow our guide below to understand how to create your own custom Name Server. You must have a registered domain through our services to create a custom name server.

  • Login to your account through our site login.
  • Go to your accounts home page
  • Under Account Overview click Domains.
  • Inside the "My Domains" list select your domain
  • Within the managment submenu you will see a Private NameServers open this.
  • You will now have to create your own custom NameServer please make sure you write the details down as you will need to enter the info to your domain
  • Under "Register a NameServer Name" put your selected details (e.g , Please make sure you create 2 to allow a proper delegation from the domain.
  • You will need to enter the following 2 ip adresses for each NameServer

    First NameServer :
    Second NameServer :
          Please note that these may not be correct. Please check with us for the correct address if the above does not work
  • Now you have created your Custom NameServers we will now run you through how to setup your domain

    Domain Setup

    • Under Account Overview click Domains.
    • Inside the "My Domains" list select your domain
    • Within the Managment you will see a sub-menu go to NameServers
    • Make sure custom NameServers is enabled.
    • Input your custom NameServers here and then apply
    • Changing the NameServer can take up to 48 hours


    If you have any problems with your setup, Please contact our staff via "Open a New Ticket" on the Account Home Page Thank you.
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