Hosting Addons

Account Restore


Have you had troubles with your site and need us to Restore your website back at a earlier date?

We save our backups on a 7 day roll over basis meaning we can restore your website or cPanel account.

(Please open a ticket after payment)

Data Pack


Require Extra Data or Bandwidth for your hosting packages?

We can make a custom plan for you depending on what you require.

The Price Above is Setup Fee and the Actual Price Depending on required "Data" or "Bandwidth" is Negotiable
(Please open a ticket after payment)

Dedicated IP Address


Get your own Dedicated IP Address for your hosting account.

This is Required for Remote SQL Connections and other Benefits.

(Please open a ticket after payment)

Web Development Help


Having a problem with your site and need a professional to take a look and fix the issue?

Well we can take a look at any issue you might be having either big or small.

(Please open a ticket after payment and please inform us of what problem you are having and we will take a look for you)